State Accounting Office of Georgia
  • 03-Mar-2014 to 31-Mar-2014 (EST)
  • Ethics Commission
  • Atlanta, GA, USA
  • Full Time

Standard Benefits Package to include health, vision, and dental insurance, flexible benefits, annual leave, and sick leave packages.

Under the general supervision of the Executive Secretary, performs advanced, diversified and confidential duties requiring broad and comprehensive experience, skill and knowledge of organization policies and procedures. Prepares and initiates routine and non-routine correspondence, legal documents, memorandums, reports, special projects, etc. Resolves routine and complex inquiries, schedules and maintains Executive Secretary's calendar for appointments, meetings and travel itineraries and coordinates related arrangements. Prepares documentation and booklets for the Commission meetings. Develops and modifies forms and procedures, maintains strict confidentiality of division activities and perform tasks as Office Manager. Assist with supervising receptionist and clerical support position.


Manage Executive Secretary Calendar
o Arrange for necessary facilities, equipment and travel plans to meet needs of Executive Secretary.
o Research meeting topics in advance and provide prompt and accurate information to inquiries from meeting participants concerning program or organizational issues, policies, rules and regulations
o Attend meetings for/with the Executive Secretary and prepare reports that are clear, concise and accurately reflect the events of the meeting.

Commission Meetings: 
o Works with Commission on the scheduling of Commission meetings.
o Work with Executive Secretary and Commission to develop agenda.
o Post agenda on website, at meeting location and in legal organ to comply with Open Meetings Act posting requirements.
o Send out electronic notifications of meeting.
o Send out all individual letters on cases to respondents, complainants and applicable legal representation.
o Make meeting location arrangements, set up room, set up conference call service and post notices.
o Prepare, collect and organize materials for meeting books and distributes to Commission members, applicable staff and AG staff.
o Maintain Commission meeting documents (meeting books, minutes, handouts, etc) for archival purposes.
o Prepare draft Commission meeting summary and post on website to comply with Open Meetings Act requirements.
• Organize and maintain filing system consisting of documentary evidence, administrative pleading and all relevant documents.
o Ensure that file system is well organized and documented to make it readily accessible by staff.
o Periodically review files for proper maintenance.
o File legal documents according to established filing procedures and within established time frame of use.
• Coordinate special projects, conduct research and evaluate various concerns of the Executive Secretary.
o Properly establishes the scope and objective of the research process.
o Gather, compile and analyze necessary data.
o Prepare a thorough and accurate report of findings and analysis, making appropriate recommendations.
o Provide adequate project leadership by clearly communicating objectives, priorities and activities and reviewing progress in meeting them.

o Prepare reports indicating projects and completion/progress status.
o Prepare reports containing the detail and quantity of information in the format requested by the Executive Secretary.
o Thoroughly complete and submit the report on designated day of the month without exception.
o Supply supporting documentation as necessary to facilitate understanding of work flow.
• Create and maintain a high performance environment characterized by positive leadership and a strong team orientation.
o Confer regularly with staff to review employee relations climate, specific problem areas and actions necessary for improvement.
o Assist in evaluating employees at scheduled intervals, obtain and consider all relevant information in evaluations and support staff by giving praise and constructive criticism.
o Motivate staff to improve quantity and quality of work performed and provide training and development opportunities as appropriate.

Project Manager and Space Manager for Agency:
o Responsible for working with the applicable GBA and "work control" personnel regarding changes, updates and maintenance of the Agency's suite.
o Responsible for maintaining Agency inventory and works with IT to ensure IT equipment is properly labeled and accounted for.
o Work with SAO and transfer of data regarding agency inventory.
o Perform all the duties as required of the Agency Facility Coordinator and the Agency Emergency Response Coordinator.

Accounts Receivable: 
o Produce invoices as required for State Agencies and outside customers that require such in regards to the payment of lobbyist fees.
• Certified Copies
o Work with necessary staff to produce documents to comply with Certified Copies requests.
o Produce and maintain certified copy documentation sheet and have applicable Agency personnel execute.
o Produce invoices for certified copy fees and collect.

Human Resources: 
o Assist with creating and maintaining current and selected past employee personnel files.
o Create and maintain Agency organizational charts.
o Create and maintain employee data spreadsheets.
o Maintain Agency employee timesheets.
o Responsible for the creation of employee job descriptions, job grade assignments, new hire offer letters and other related documents

o Meet and greet newly appointed Commissioners.
o Prepare and assist new Commissioners in the completion of required paperwork and process accordingly.
o Create and maintain Commissioner master spreadsheet with all necessary data of current and past Commissioners.

o Assist in managing Receptionist and Clerical Support which includes setting duties, assigning projects, training and review.

o Work with applicable vendors on the use of credit card machines by the Agency.
o Make necessary contacts, complete forms and work with internal and external vendors.

o Work with and assist in training staff attorney(s) on Agency process in regards to adjusting complaints.
o Respond to questions from Respondents and Complainants regarding cases in the absence of the Staff Attorney or the Executive Secretary.
o Enter complaints and all applicable data into system through the entire life of the complaint in the absence of the Legal Assistant.

Accounts Payable: 
o Process payments for all agency bills.
o Negotiate billing rate when applicable.

Open Records Requests: 
o Review and respond to open records requests with the Executive Secretary.
o Produce invoices for open records requests charges when applicable.

Office Administrator: 
o Respond to staff's needs regarding the suites' environment. Work with GBA to resolve issues.
o Order and maintain all office supplies.
o Work with IT to order approved IT equipment.
o Process receiving reports with SAO for all received items.
o Work with vendors regarding returns.

Records Retention: 
o Ensure that all documents under agency control (complaints, executive, personnel, etc.) are maintained in compliance with the state retention policy.

Press/Media Contact Backup: 
o In the absence of the Executive Secretary prepare response to press/media questions and provide to Commissioners with Executive Secretary's approval.
o Assist Executive Secretary in the response to press/media questions.
• Provide assistance to and perform any additional duties assigned by the Executive Secretary.
• Maintain confidentiality of information in accordance with established agency policies and procedures at all times.
• Maintain a current active Notary Public Commission.
• Other duties as assigned.


Skill Set Requirements:
• Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint
• Highly organized to manage multiple projects and related documentation concurrently.
• Communication skills to work productively with various levels of state government employees and clients.
• Self starter and a decisive decision maker.
• Ability to work independently or in a group.

Education/Experience Requirements: Minimum Qualifications:
• Associates degree
• Minimum of 3 years as an executive assistant to an agency, division or company director.
• Proven project management experience in relation to job tasks.

Preferred Qualifications:
• Bachelor's degree
• Minimum of 5 years as an executive assistant to an agency, division or company director.
• Proven project management experience in relation to job tasks.
• Prior work experience for a state or federal government agency.

This position has been closed and is no longer available.
State Accounting Office of Georgia


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